The House of Sunshine



Nature's Sunshine

NSP has an extensive line of products for your health, with unmatched potency, consistency, and purity. You can purchase the products wholesale by signing up as a distributor on the website. When you log onto the website by clicking on Nature's Sunshine, click on the button on the left marked sign-up. The instructions are there. All you need to do is select $40 worth of products. Lora as a sponsor would be 10737 and Ruby as a sponsor would be 28923.

Juice Plus

For people who don't get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. For more information or to sign up to purchase wholesale you can visit their website by clicking on Juice Plus or call 800-347-4014.

Young Living

This is where we order essential oil products that Nature's Sunshine does not carry. For more information or to sign up to purchase wholesale you can click on Young Living or call 800-371-2928. Account number 31024.

Flower Essence Services

Flower essences are dilute, potentized herbal infusions, prepared from wildflowers or garden blossoms. Ruby uses flower essences in emotional healing work. For more information click on Flower Essence Services or call 800-548-0075.

Hannah Kroeger Products

This company sells homeopathic and herbal formulas. For more information call 800-206-6722 or visit their website by clicking Hannah Kroeger Products.

Solle Naturals

Solle Naturals sells plant-sourced nutrition products using adaptogenic herbs. For more information visit their website by clicking on Solle Naturals or call 888-787-0665. Account number is: 1770.

Standard Process Inc.

We use this company as a source of whole food supplements. These supplements are provided for health care professionals. For more information visit their website by clicking on Standard Process Inc. or call 800-848-5061.

Professional Health Products

This company has a wide variety of health care products available to health care practitioners. For more information about this company and their products visit their website by clicking on Professional Health Products or call 800-268-6029.

Pure Herbs

This is one of our sources of liquid herbs. Herbal extracts are an easily absorbable dietary supplement. For more information or to sign up to purchase products wholesale you can call 800-860-4372 or click on Pure Herbs. Be sure to tell them that Ruby Lawler is your sponsor.

We carry top quality nutritional formulas that have proven to help people with their nutritional needs. We use products from the following companies that are committed to providing quality products.

We believe that quality is the number one thing when it comes to nutritional supplementation.

Many of the listed companies provide products through a network marketing system. Ruby is a distributor in each of these companies. If you are interested in any of these companies you can sign up under Ruby and receive personal assistance with the products.