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Our goal is to empower you with knowledge to care for your own health. The physical, emotional, and spiritual body is addressed. We address the internal and external environment. The House of Sunshine specialties include:

Nutrition: We believe in eating according to your blood type and teach that system. We also believe in testing the pH of the body to keep it properly functioning. We can help you learn to test yourself to know what foods are right for you.

Iridology: We analyze the patterns and structures in the iris of the eye to determine inherent strengths and weaknesses, areas of inflammation and many other iris signs throughout the body. Iridology will not show or name a specific disease, but, rather provides information about the body tissues. It helps show us the weakest link.

Muscle Response Testing: We utilize a simplified form of Muscle Response Testing to find out what the body or mind will respond to in terms of a resolution to the problem. It is a viable, efficient, and effective tool for determining the body’s needs.

Zyto Compass and Zyto Balance: Biocommunication scanning that helps you choose nutritional products and wellness options tailor made for you. Zyto scans measure your body for galvanic skin responses, by presenting questions in the form of digital signatures, to determine which supplements, foods, oils, or services your body is most biologically coherent with.

Biochemical Blood Analysis: Balancing your nutrition through an analysis of your blood tests is an advanced procedure that helps identify and address the root causes of problems rather than chasing symptoms. It correlates body functions and conditions as well as glandular functions to help determine appropriate nutritional and supplemental programs. This technique involves the analysis of lab results and consultation with you on the outcome explaining exactly what was going on with the internal mechanisms of your personal chemistry. It typically includes an in depth analysis of the balance and influence of one organ on another. It helps you know what foods are best for your specific metabolic type and what nutritional supplements would be beneficial for you to take with the objective of brining balance back to your chemistry. If you have any questions email Lora at

Detox Foot Spa: Toxins accumulate in the body through exposure to the effects of things like stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol and diet. There are about 2000 pores in the soles of the feet through which the body can release toxins. The detox foot spa stimulates the body to speed up this natural process. This usually helps the client feel better.

Voice Bio: Allows your voice to tell us what your body already knows. Three different voice samples are taken. A computer sorts and graphs the frequencies and ignores the word content. This helps us see what parts of the body need help the very most at this time.

Emotional Healing: We address emotions with flower essences, aromatherapy, and Chinese formulas. Ruby is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

Training: Ruby periodically teaches classes. Some of the subjects include: basic and advanced iridology, MRT-muscle response testing, and nutrition for your entire body. She has guest lectured for University level classes.

Newsletter & Tidbits: Ruby stays on top of new information and loves to share her new treasures with others through newsletters and ‘Tidbits from Tyler’. She has also compiled two volumes of past Tidbits, which are for sale.

The House of Sunshine utilizes methods and sciences which may be considered controversial. It is not our intent to cause division or dissension. As with all things, please pray. We believe many Christians are not availing themselves of much of the abundance of God out of fear that Satan has taken dominion of the “natural health” domain.

***Remember, Satan cannot create any thing, he can only mimic and adulterate what God has already created. God created our bodies with a miraculous ability to heal.

The information provided at the House of Sunshine is for informational/educational purposes and should not be used for diagnosing or treating health problems or a disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. You must consult a health care provider if you suspect that you may have a health problem.